Large Scale + Murals

My hand-painted oil murals do more than make your place look nice, they can also reinforce your brand. And they’re really easy to merchandise on your sales floor.


BSF Mural: “The Magical Mixtures of Black Star Farms”

The Black Star Farms mural, installed in 2013, is comprised of 4 panels each measuring 6’x9’— the finished piece being 6’x36′. It hangs in BSF’s massive tasting room.

Murals come in all shapes and sizes. I’m completely open to any kind of creative challenge regarding your piece.

“Doodle” Private Commission

“Doodle”, was a private commission for a home in Phoenix. 2017    Tryptic, Oil on canvas, 4’x 21′



Tasting Room Sunflowers

For BSF’s smaller tasting room, I produced this bright sunflower field in oil, 6’x9′, 2014.
It was then silkscreened onto canvas beach bags which were then sold in the main tasting room.