About the Artist

Hi. I’m Dan.

Me_Before-and-AfterDan Nearing

Welcome to itjustgetsweirder.com.

I was born in MI & went to school there but worked my entire professional career [26 years]
in Boston & the East coast as an art/creative director for a handful of marketing and advertising agencies. Some small, some quite prestigious.

I left Boston in 2012, returning to Michigan to help with aged parents. The job market
was tight, so I kinda made my own. I painted a mural for the good folks at Black Star Farms then merchandised my images at their winery in Suttons Bay, MI. The Black Star mural is 6’x36′. You’re looking at one of four 6’x9’panels.

My goal with the murals, is to combine my fine art capabilities with my professional experience in advertising. So, those murals
not only look nice, they carry a brand or a message. My murals are working advertisements done in oil paint.

I am open to commissions. Big or small. Just hit me at the contact page.